Sunday 4 March 2018

day 11 - I know i missed a day sorry :(

song no 10 -

Sorry to all of you reading recently I missed a day just due to how busy I have been unfortunately the plan to set things of this weekend didn't happen :(. My friends studio should be finished sometime this next and we are looking just to perfect every record we have before we put it out. First impressions are important especially in this industry so we look to make a strong impact.

 No long post again today sorry guys just working hard on this record should have a decent sized one tomorrow :)

check the picture above cover art I made about a year ago now thinking of using it for something let me know what you think :).

Friday 2 March 2018

day 9 - one more day

song no 9 -

day 9 - one more day to go, hi guys just another short post today sorry just making sure I stay focused on tomorrow been a really busy day and literally have like 5 minutes before I have to go to work.
I just want to thank you for sticking with me either tomorrow or the day after I will have the content uploaded I'll link you all to it on the blog. Longer post guaranteed tomorrow I promise.

Thursday 1 March 2018

day 8 - closer to my dreams

song no 8 -

day 8 - closer to my dreams - So close now to making the biggest jump in my life. This is it, its all been leading to this moment. Thank you to everyone who is reading this I see we have nine to ten viewers a day :). Every throw away record every failure every project I released with no reception led to this moment and I do feel guided. God/the universe is pushing me in this direction so I will embrace it with open arms. Every step taken led to this destination even the little steps and I am so grateful to be alive in a time where making your dream come true is a realistic goal.

I am just leaving you all with a short message today to focus on working on the project tomorrow I will continue with the usual long ass posts xD. Saturday I will be pushing forward with my friends project that is being released so I will link you all to it. Here we go then :)

Wednesday 28 February 2018

day 7 -the bluerpint

song no 7 -

day 7 - thank you to trajectory manifestation for liking the posts :) appreciate the support :) really needed it to be honest. I did have second thoughts about this blog but now I will stick to it :).
Seven days in since I started this journey and I feel as if I am within reaching distance of a breakthrough as if its right around the corner. I have the vision a plan and the product now all that is left is the execution.

I have been progressing with the course I spoke about in the last post and it has given me more focus on how to execute my vision. The big thing I am facing at the moment is capturing peoples attention in the first five seconds. Statistics show that you have five seconds to capture the audience's attention if you do not they will click on another video (we do not want that!!!). So how do I do it, most of the adverts I see on youtube seem to be very dull and unoriginal. They just stick their videos infront of the audience.

The audience is already turned off when it comes to adverts so you have to capture their attention in a strong way. The positives of this are that the audience is always looking for new content the just need it rolled out in respectable way that doesn't insult their intelligence.

Now my friends project is about the darker side of lust - sex sells its just apart of our dna and we are attracted to the darker things in life. The mystery that comes with it . Its being presented in the form of music arguably the most popular art form. It has all of things going for it now how do we present this information.

Following the law attraction I am going to continue to visualize feel good emotions and relax, think positive thoughts. I will trust god/universe to bring the answers to me I have sent my request and the god/universe is answering now I must listen. The message I am receiving so far is look at works and put my own creative spin on it.

My and my friend had an idea a while back so I might act on that I think no one wants to be force fed music that's a sure shot way to fail. But people love mystery so I think will use this advert to create mystery for this project really in essence advertise it. YouTube is a visual medium just giving people sonics to begin with as an introduction isn't enough. We must capture their imagination with mystery.......

Thank you for reading  this guys :) tomorrow I'll update you on our current ideas - thank you for joining me on this journey it is honestly keeping me going :)

Tuesday 27 February 2018

day 6 - law of attraction

song no 6 -

day 6 - law of attraction - just want to say thank you to everyone who viewed the post on day 4 got around 45 views :) . We are progressing :).  At the moment I'm sitting in my room there is a couple of hours before I go to work, and I'm thinking about how we can promote my friends single that I produced.

The work on this album in my opinion is some of my best work and could be a huge breakthrough for me so I am really focused on putting this out the right way. I have also started a course on video promotion about the perfect formula to release content - at the moment my plans are YouTube pre roll ads.

We are going to put some money behind it and see where it goes - back story - So I have been producing since I was 16 and been desperate to get on since I understood the last few years a had at school that if I didn't make it happen I would have to get a 9-5 which I did in the end. I released a few projects upgraded my sound and progressed as an artist and I feel now I am at a level to take it to a worldwide level. Its been one hell of journey but I am ready for the next phase.

The law of attraction has been apart of my life since I first started putting music out. I had a vision and trusted the process of manifesting and marched forward. Stop comparing yourself to others - I will admit I do this so much and all it does is get you down. Your journey is your own so be free from comparison, when you life is ready for change it will change.

This weekend we are finalizing everything for release so here we go :) I want to end on this note - yesterday I was doing something little not important at all. Whilst doing it I tried and tried over again to accomplish what I was doing but failed and thought its not important so I will give up and I tried one last time and it worked. I want to leave you with that don't stop because you don't know how close you are to breaking through it could be one step away. Plan, Visualize, internalize, manifest.

Monday 26 February 2018

day 5 - dreams to reality

Song no 3 -

day 5 - dreams to reality. To me there is something special in the journey of having an idea, nurturing it and watching it grow. Supporting it patiently not forcing it to grower at a faster speed than it needs to. Then finally having it come into fruition. Its a process and as I said before you have to trust the process.

This week could be a life changing one for me :). I have been working on my producing friends album a completely different vibe to what I have been releasing so far. I would say we have been working on the project for nearly two years now. He is in the process of releasing a single from it -should be this week and I have to say I have a really good feeling about it.

Its crazy to think that this week everything could change, makes the idea of going to work a lot easier xD. This placement  could lead onto to lots of other things :) who knows maybe this record will blow up and get me some more attention for my projects. I won't lie the idea of fame does intimidate me sometimes but affecting peoples lives with my music is something I want to do. Its a minor drawback plus there is far more intimidating things that can happen to a person.

So gxxdguy from the future this message is for you. now you are where you want to be you must stay focused. Understand that now you have eyes on you, you must work even harder now than before to keep their attention. Follow your gut instinct and do what feels right - the path is already laid out for you.

I hope you are living in an apartment in the US/Canada or Canada that was always your dream with a huge flat screen tv lol. You always wanting to tour in big arenas so I hope it is just as fun as you imagined. I know you wanted to start your own label with friends so I hope that is working out for you :). Most of all I wonder what new stories you have created with your music and how it has affected peoples lives.

7 days from now everything could be different wow, it took me so look to get here guys I will talk about that more in tomorrows post about the journey before this blog. It feels good :) if you are reading this I love you stay positive please follow your dream because its essence of who you are.

Sunday 25 February 2018

day 4 - live in the moment

song no 3 -

day 4 - live in the moment - I think so often our stresses as people in life comes from fear and more often than not its never an immediate fear. Its the fear of something in the future a fear of something that can go wrong. A wise man once said fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. Ultimately it comes from a negative mind-set its a problem that a lot of dreamers face but we must over come it :).

So live in the moment, live for right now. Really feel this moment because in this moment if you are truly there, you will not be caught up in wanting something. You will be experiencing life finding the beauty in everything. From the birds in the sky to the way the sun bursts through your curtains in the morning.

I feel as if this journey changing me for the better after doing my everyday ritual of visualising success with emotions. I came to the realization everything I want is already mine as the law of attraction states and I felt it in those moments of visualization. But I am not afraid to let it go into the universe and accept what comes my way, life is beautiful journey and if I become so focused on the destination I will not see the beauty in the steps along the way with the lessons that come with them.

To you who are reading this I want to say just trust the process. Everything you desire is coming your way just don't be desperate for it - desperation comes from a belief there is not enough . To be honest that is what set me on this journey lol  just looking at my life and saying I want more from it. Which I am grateful for because I would not be where I am now. Four days in the journey and I am realizing to relax and just feel good then the right things will happen.

Living in the moment has really helped my workflow of creating songs because I am no longer weighing myself down with a fear of the future. Tomorrow doesn't exist, all that exists is this moment right now, so I allow myself to bask in it. Enjoying the beauty of it which gives me the freedom of time and how much we really have :). So capturing all of these feelings and putting them into a piece of art of all us to share feels really good :).

Were is this all heading to godwilling the billboard charts ;)  at the moment things are moving well I am grateful to everyone on soundcloud showing me love got likes on some songs so far :). I am thankful to all of you reading this and I hope that if you are in a bad place that in this moment you step back from everything. Relax and visualize good things feel good emotions and wait and see what comes from it :).

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Saturday 24 February 2018

Day 3 - keep calm and push it to the limit

song no 3 -

Day 3 - keep calm and push it to the limit - Today I woke up and did the usual check my phone for updates but no messages as of yet. And that's okay I'm still in the early stages of this journey so I have to learn to have patience. Every video I see about taking steps towards success speaks on patience, and how its a big key to becoming successful. I once heard someone say patience is not about waiting but its how you wait. So here I am waiting with a positive and grateful attitude:).

The positives - 9 of you read the last post :) which is amazing to me - I don't know who you are, what your story is, what you are doing in life or where you live. But I appreciate you taking the time to join me on this journey it is not going unnoticed :) don't be shy leave a comment would love to hear from you.

The law of attraction - some of you may have gotten to this post by seeing my comment left on a discussion section about the law of attraction. My story with the law of attraction is about 6 years strong discovered it when I was sixteen and used it to hone the skill of creating music and visualize being an artist. Now I am really putting it to the test with this challenge, still think I can take it up a level though. That being said lets speak it into existence I am changing the title of the blog to 365 days to the billboard charts.

 Everyday I am going to visualize and capture the feelings of success and release them into the world. I will be grateful for everything I have even the little things. I will plan and take actions with my music - all the planning in the world is nothing without action. Might finally set up that vision board I have been meaning to put up for about a year now as well.

Its nice sunny day where I am and I see no better way to spend it than being inside making music and talking to you lol. Where ever you are, who ever you are thank you being with me on this journey I know 30,50 or 100 days from now when we will look back on this day and we will smile because without this part of puzzle, be it one of the first pieces it would have never been complete picture that the future holds.

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Friday 23 February 2018

day 2 - minor setback for major comeback

song no 2 -

day 2 - minor setback for major comeback - shoutout Kendrick for that line in his song with nipsey.
So I released a song yesterday and received the first setback on this journey xD. My song was removed from soundcloud -copywright strike so I decided to release another song I had locked away in the vault.

Its finally sunk in the idea of 365 days of releasing music and the task is quite intimidating. I could be facing something like this a lot but hopefully that's not the case. However I think I need to see it through no matter what happens, in most things in my life I tend to quit when the hard times begin. If I want to be successful that has to change.

At the minute no one seems to be part of the journey hopefully someone will read this one day once the movement is the millions ( I can dream :) ) and be surprised I ever started at this point. But I am hopeful its still in the beginning stages of this journey anything is possible :).

The key now is to just stay focused and find new ways to promote what I have going on. Time to get creative.

To those of you from the future I'd like to say thank you for joining me on this journey :) 

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Thursday 22 February 2018

Day 1 - from 0 to the billboard charts

So here we go day 1 begins :) ,  before I start I have to shout out to Gary Vee for inspiring this challenge. When I heard him speak of artists giving out music everyday being the future this was something I couldn't ignore and had to jump on.

So why am I doing this I hear you ask? well two  reasons.

One reason is I have been producing music for a while now and have basically not gotten anywhere.
I think its time for me to step my game up and challenge myself, think outside the box, try something new and this seems like a fun opportunity to do that.

Reason two is connecting with the listeners - you reading this :)
So often I just feel as if I am releasing music with no sought of connection  to the listeners . Honestly that's mainly due to having no fans lol but I want to know to start a relationship with you guys and for us to start a movement which really impacts the world :). Doing this blog feels like I am giving you my story -which you are now apart of.

If your reading this I'd like to say thank you for joining me on this journey :) 
from 0 to the billboard charts lets do it :)
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